These Tips Help You Prevent Weight Gain During Your Dubai Vacation

These Tips Help You Prevent Weight Gain During Your Dubai Vacation

Welcome! 🙂 Planning a vacation in Dubai? These tips help you prevent weight gain during your Dubai vacation. Cosmopolitan, Dubai boasts myriad of food variety. You want to mind the calorie-rich food the city offers as they can easily cause you weight gain.

No doubt, Dubai is a city of delights and futuristic developments with loads of amazing things to see and try out. From souk markets and shopping malls to Dubai Opera and nightlife, the city’s diverse flavors are mesmerizing everywhere you go.

Tips To Help You Prevent Weight Gain During Your Dubai Vacation

Tips To Help You Prevent Weight Gain During Your Dubai Vacation

Dubai’s hotels and restaurants offer a sumptuous range of delicacy and beverages to tantalize your taste buds. Apart from authentic Arabic cuisine, you will also find a variety of Indian, Pakistani, British, French, Italian, Greek, Chinese and Filipino cuisines to indulge your senses.

While you’re rejoicing over the host of options you have, it also means you could put on a few extra pounds during your holiday in Dubai and they may linger around you for at least the next six weeks, particularly if you’re not serious with your fitness routine. Having said that, Dubai holiday weight gain is not unavoidable. Observe the following tips to help you avoid taking in wight during your trip to Dubai.

Stay Active With A Walking Tour To Check Weight Gain

Hatta Hikers - Stay Slim

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Get a real feel of Dubai with a walking tour that covers the city’s art, culture and heritage. You can choose to go for a Dubai introduction walk or you can do a self-guided tour as you explore the city’s shopping streets or take your children for the Dubai Children Entertainment walk.

Whether it is a shopping and dining walk or a serene sightseeing walk; explore the city on your feet and at your pace to avoid gaining weight while you enjoy different dishes along the way. The self-guided-walking-tour app, GPSmyCity, might be useful.

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Skip The Buffet To Help Prevent Weight Gain

These Tips Help You Prevent Weight Gain During Your Dubai Vacation

Everyone’s tempted to pile their plate with Baba Ganoush, Fatteh, Shawarma, Mahalabiya and other epic delicacies. But with such a loaded buffet, you’re sure to pile up a day’s worth of calories in just one go.

While in Dubai, avoid stuffing yourself with lots of food; instead, explore local restaurants for an ideal amount. And, while you’re on an eating spree gratifying all your food fantasies, do you well to carry a pack of Activated Charcoal Capsules. Travelers suffering from gas and bloating usually find it useful. If you like “natural”, you might want to consider it.

Keep A Check On Your Liquid Calories

Check Your Liqueid Calories Your Dubai Vacation To Prevent Weight Gain

A Dubai getaway may be said to be synonymous with calorie-rich cocktails that sizzle your senses; and Arabic drinks that tease your tongue. These beverages can increase your sugar levels significantly while adding empty calories to your diet, quickly resulting in weight gain.

Further, alcohol consumption is relatively believed to boost your appetite which is another risk factor for gaining unwanted weight. So, if you don’t want to put on extra pounds, it is best to limit your intake of high-calorie drinks.

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Be Mindful With Eating To Avoid Gaining Weight

Mind Your Eating in Your Dubai Escape To Avoid Fat

Everyone planning a trip to Dubai definitely wonders what’s on the platter for them.

With a delectable combination of Arabic, Lebanese, Iranian food, in fact food from everywhere in the world, you’ll always crave for more.

So, whether you’re a foodie or not, Dubai streets and restaurants will leave you spoilt for choice with their gastronomical delights that can make any stomach growl with hunger.

So, if i’is not possible to watch your portion with every meal you have, you can certainly exercise some control over your first meal. Skip one carb at the breakfast table, have a cup of raspberries before lunch or snack smart when you are out for excursions.

You can also consider taking “a carb blocker” during your Dubai holiday. Formulated to help you manage your weight, carb blockers let you indulge in your favorite food without worrying about taking in unneeded weight.

Don’t Forget To Bring A Waist Trainer To Dubai

Wear Waist Trainer In Dubai To Check A Fat Girth

When you’re vacationing in Dubai, you simply can’t miss out in the many things to do in Dubai including its glamorous nightlife. Dressing up is an absolute must here but with all those extra calories, you may need a little help to look your best.

A waist trainer is a quick fix to conceal all the calories and flaunt your favorite fitted party dress, while it sculpts your girth up. Whether you choose to wear an elegant figure-hugging gown at the Opera or put on a super sleek designer dress at the club, a Waist Cincher Corset will give you a desirable hourglass silhouette.

Easy, discreet & comfortable to wear, a waist trainer will make you look picture-perfect in every outfit. So, even if you are going to eat your heart out during the holiday, pack all your bodycon dresses. Because, with a waist trainer, you’ll look fab in all your outfits, outings and pictures, meaning you’d have great pictures for your Instagram.

Hit The Gym To Burn Fat

Visit Dubai Gym To Punctuate Weight

Hit the gym. If your hotel has a gym, it’s even better; take out some time from your vacay mode, and sweat some fat out. Catch up on your morning news show on the treadmill and lift some weight to burn a few extra calories.

And, instead of zipping all the way to your hotel room on the fifth-floor, take the stairs when you have the energy and time to do so. Rev up your heart rate by walking to and from your room as much as you can.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated To Prevent Adding Weight in Dubai Getaway

When Jackie Chan visited Dubai, he acknowledged that Dubai’s sun is very hot and that’s a given. If follows that you can easily get dehydrated. Whether you’re at the pool, on the beach or some other place in Dubai, to reiterate, the sun and the heat can well leave you dehydrated.

Drinking plenty of water on your vacation will not only keep you hydrated but also ensure that you don’t fill up on unwanted liquid calories and processed foods while you’re on the go. Drinking water will also crank up your metabolism and you’ll be less likely to get fatigued.

Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism to avoid gaining weight in Dubai vacation

Since during your Dubai escape, you may not eat homely food, and you’re definitely taking out of your daily routine which may be helpful in maintaining your weight to taking part in Dubai’s many immersing things to do. Given the foregoing, you should choose some things, such as kayaking, hiking, biking and/or climbing, that could help boost your metabolism.

You should also try to include one cup of green tea or green coffee in your entire day or have one healthy smoothie with fibre-rich fruits and veggies. Further, you can also include booster food like chia seeds or flax seeds in your meals to keep digestive issues at bay. Further still, you can go for metabolism-raising food.

Pack Some Healthy Snacks To Not Lose Weight Unwantedly

Healthy Snacks To Help Prevent Fat During Dubai Trip

Your Dubai trip can take a toll on your weight management goals as you will be mostly eating out and indulging in local delicacies. But why not pack some healthy, filling snacks to tackle those untimely hunger pangs? Prepare in advance and visit the grocery stores to grab some healthy options before you pack your bags. Just as you don’t to gain weight, you probably don’t also want to lose it.

Strike a Balance

Food Balance To Help Prevent Weight Gain in Dubai Holiday

Every vacation meal or snack should be a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. For instance, if you are craving a dessert and end up trying a Chebab, have some greek yoghurt to feel fuller for longer.

If you just gorge on carbs without including any fats or proteins, you might feel hungry frequently and your blood sugar levels will rise, causing you to gain weight. If you cannot monitor your diet or stay on top of your calories, there is a wide range of weight loss supplements that you can explore online.


Hayaking in Hatta lake

So, there you have it — tips to help you prevent weight gain. Whether you struggle to control your cravings, your metabolism gets sluggish when you travel abroad or you simply want to burn all the extra calories you’ve consumed, there is a medication out there to help you with all your travel woes.

Some things to do in Dubai can also help check your weight. You could go swimming in one of Dubai’s many swimming pools, say, Burj Al Arab infinity pools or Address Sky ViewDubai infinity pool; or you could even visit one of Dubai’s water parks. Wild Wadi and Atlantis The Palm Aquaventure are good options. If those aren’t enough, you could consider Dubai Ice Rink or Ski Dubai.

Or, maybe you want to kayak, hike, bike or climb at Hatta Dubai. Dubai has bicycles for commuters, you could use them to help you flex those muscles, burning extra fats. Stay guided and cheers!