Dubai Travel Guide

Your definitive Dubai Travel Guide. Dubai Tour Pro is your meticulous Dubai travel and tourism advisory. Dubbed the best independent Dubai destination travel advisory, we share everything there is to know about Dubai travel and tourism. With us, you learn about things to do in Dubai, Dubai travel restrictions, Dubai travel warnings, Dubai travel cost, Dubai travel news, et cetera.
Dubai Travel Guide
As a Dubai Travel Guide, we endeavor to keep our readers guided. This is why we try as much as possible to have a comprehensive coverage on Dubai travel and tourism information. But we really can’t do this without you. This is why we’ve requested that those who’ve been to Dubai share their experiences with us. How was your experience like as regards prices of Dubai transportation, Dubai tour operators, Dubai hotels, Dubai destinations, Dubai safety, whether Dubai is worth the hype etc.

Added to the guiding articles, we also publish Dubai tourist news to keep visitors guided. Below are some Dubai Travel guides. See Dubai Travel Guide for more.

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See Dubai Travel Guide for more.
Things To Do in Dubai
Second to none, Dubai is one destination that’s in the bucket list of virtually every tourist or vacationer. From luxury or posh things to do or places to go, through adrenaline seething tourist activities to magnificent views for sightseeing, Dubai takes a significant place in the epicenter of the global tourism industry. Below are some chic things to do in Dubai. For more, kindly see things to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa and At The Top
Burj Al Arab
Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Fountain
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
XLine Dubai
Skydive Dubai
Wild Wadi and Aquaventure
Malls in Dubai for Cheap Shopping
Dubai Frame etc

For more, please see things to do in Dubai.
Shopping in Dubai
Shopping in Dubai constitutes a fully fledged activity in the city. People visit Dubai solely for shopping. Boasting a very large shopping mall, Dragon Mart plus other cheap shopping malls, souks, Dubai Shopping Festival, Garderobe and smart Dubai online shopping, among others, Dubai is an international shopping destination. Shopping in Dubai is by far an exciting experience. I personally recommend you read about the best time to visit Dubai for shopping and malls in Dubai for cheap shopping for great deals.
Dubai Travel Warning – Dubai Laws for Tourists
Before you visit Dubai, there are certain things you must know. Dubai has an Islamic government. This way, Western influenced individuals might find some of its laws, customs and penalties stringent or undesirable, when it’s actually very liberal for an Islamic city.

In Dubai, you shouldn’t impregnate a woman out of wedlock. You can’t make out in public. One could get a life for doing drugs. Driving drunk is not allowed. Drinking must be done in designated places and conveyance alcohol must be done by someone that has a licence. Immodest dressing by both men and women may be frowned at. The foregoing is only a summary. For more, please see Dubai’s Do’s and Don’ts.
Is Dubai Safe?
This is a good question. Dubai is in the Middle East and among other reasons people just can’t stop asking questions. This question is even more compelling when you’re planning to visit the city with your family, or something like that. In our opinion Dubai is safe. If you want to know the degree of its safety and the areas in which it’s safe, among the areas of terrorism, infrastructure or architecture for example, very kindly see Is Dubai Safe? Also kindly see: Is Dubai Safe for A Solo Female Traveler?
Dubai Travel Cost
The cost of visiting Dubai is not fixed by virtue of some variables such as the airline you’d travel by, number of passengers, the time of year and/or of day you’d be traveling, whether or not you’d return by the same airline you’d be traveling by, and the class you’d want to travel in (Economy, Business or First Class). For detail, please see: What It Cost To Travel Dubai.
Why Dubai? Is Dubai Worth It?
In our opinion, Dubai is worth the visit for tourists who are lovers of technological advances. Our top readers after UAE are in the USA, India and the UK. Germany is next after Nigeria. Of all the countries in the world, only about fourteen countries have not visited this site. What does this tell you?

That established, this is what we tell you: Dubai is a world-class city. It has the best hotel in the world as regards luxury among other things It has the tallest building in the world, one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, the largest picture frame in the world, the tallest fountain in the world, the largest flower garden in the world, the longest urban zip line in the world.

These are not merely record breakers. They’re either posh or spectacular and are futuristic. The city also has Dubai Ice Rink and Ski Dubai both supporting snow activities for the whole family. Also suitable for the family are Wild Wadi and Aquaventure.

With these and other so many things, Dubai is relatively definitely worth the visit. Cheers! :)