Why Is Dubai So Popular? Reasons Dubai Became Famous for Tourism

Why Is Dubai So Popular? Reasons Dubai Became Famous for Tourism

Learn about why Dubai is so popular and other Dubai facts.

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Why is Dubai so popular or famous? If there’s one thing Dubai is renowned for, it’s tourism, thanks to its architectural wonders. The city is the fourth most visit city on Earth and a leading tourist destination by any contemporary standard.

Rising out of the desert sands of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai’s landscape looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. Its destinations are either larger than life, futuristic or both; and these, including Dubai’s standard and taste, are the reasons why Dubai is so popular. Below are some specific examples which are also places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa – What to do in Dubai

Why Is Dubai So Popular? Reasons Dubai Became Famous for Tourism
Burj Khalifa’s Overview | Credit: Pinterest.com

In 2010, the city shocked the world with the launching of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in Dubai, and of course the world, standing seven hundred and seventeen feet (2,717 ft/828 m) tall. Sited in Downtown Dubai, the building is not merely the world’s tallest but is also cutting-edge. It has some of the fastest elevators in the world. Its design was inspired by a flower called Hymenocallis or spider lilly, giving it a Y-shape when viewed from above it. The view itself is arguably more beautiful than the actual flower.

If you’re wondering what the most popular Dubai destination is, it’s none other than Burj Khalifa. Visit this amazing attraction for its amazing activities such as its hotels, restaurants, observatory decks et cetera. It’s not for nothing it cost $1.5 billion to be built. Lastly here, it’d be boring to start mentioning the awards it has earned over the years. Please see Burj Khalifa to learn more.

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Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall – Why Is Dubai So Popular

Dubai Fountain Exquisite
Dubai Fountain, Downtown Dubai

Outside Burj Khalifa are the amazing world’s tallest fountain, Dubai Fountain and one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, Dubai Mall. While Dubai Mall has virtually everything you wish to buy contributing to why Dubai is considered a global shopping destination, Dubai Fountain, also considered a dancing fountain by some, is where millions and millions of tourists converge every evening throughout the year for a romantic and/or ecstatic atmosphere, especially during big events such as new year.

Sucking up $217 millions to be built, the fountain is the world’s tallest fountain and performs stunts, synchronizing with songs incorporated to it. Its lights, too, synchronize with the songs. It’s a spectacle to behold by both adults and children.

Lest it gets omitted, Dubai also has a serious shopping culture, thanks to cheap shopping malls in Dubai, Dubai souks, Dubai modern shopping malls, the Dubai shopping festival, Dubai’s diversity and progress, among other factors.

Burj Al Arab – Things to do in Dubai

Burj AL Arab Hotel Beautiful
Burj AL Arab Hotel Beautiful | Credit: Unsplash.com

When it comes to luxury, among other things, the city has Burj Al Arab, the hotel that earned the informal title of a “seven star hotel” because of its sheer splendor. The developers made sure the sail-shaped hotel was lavishly built for that royal treat. You have the options of getting picked up or transferred to the hotel either on a helicopter or in a white Rolls Royce. Which do you want to be transferred in?

Burj Al Arab Most Luxurious Hotel Royal Two Bedroom Suite
Burj Al Arab royal suite

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah’s interior is clad in gold with a soft, warm and sensuous glow throughout. The Dubai seven star hotel has been described as opulent, glamorous and state-of-the-art. And, given its lavish splendor, it has in fact been criticized.

That said, here’s what a visitor, Nilz77, has to say about Burj Al Arab Jumeirah: “It has got some of [the] finest dining on planet [Earth]. We experience[d] just [the] restaurant there which is [the] best in the world, I must say. And [the] sunset view from [the] hotel is magical. Must experience.”

For the want of space, we can’t touch on all the marvels of this amazing Dubai hotel. Visit its Al Mahara restaurant for some seafood and an underwater feel. Burj Al Arab has in several cases earned “most luxurious” and “most romantic” hotel awards. Its Talise Spa is so stupendous; it could rejuvenate you. Further, the hotels moonlit swimming pool is a good tryst for lovers. Please see Burj Al Arab, to learn more…

Atlantis Dubai – What to do in Dubai

Definitive Atlantis The Palm Guide hd
Atlantis Dubai | Credit: Atlantis.com

If you think the foregoing are awesome already, then you need to see Atlantis Dubai, or “Atlantis, The Palm”. The hotel’s underwater restaurant, and suites and its Lost Chamber are places you go when you want to experience something unreal, yet real, incredible yet credible, memorable and indelible; something that’d wear off your stress and heal you psychologically from within. This is possible due to the fact the hotel was inspired by the popular and fascinating myth of Atlantis — a lost island nation that sunk into the Atlantic ocean — by Plato in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”.

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant Ossiano
Ossiano, Atlantis Underwater restaurant | Credit: ConciergeLinks.ae

If you take your spouse here in order to establish or rekindle love, you’d succeed in one go. The underwater restaurant, Ossiano, to be specific, has seen a lot of successful proposals, among other things. There’s something they do where a diver swims towards a couple with a message usually arranged by the male couple; messages such as “Will you marry me, Jane Doe?” “I love and appreciate you in my life, Jane Doe;” et cetera. Please see Atlantis Dubai to learn more…

Atlantis Dubai Underwater Restaurant
Couple’s date in Ossiano | Atlantis The Palm Underwater restaurant

Dubai Miracle Garden – Why Is Dubai So Popular

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

Are you in need of something romantic, something that engages your visual and olfactory senses, filling you with satisfaction and awe? Go no further than Dubai Miracle Garden. Given its spectacular blossoms and sweet floral scents, couples, lovers of flowers and like-minded people love visiting this Dubai destination. It’s little wonder it was launched on a Valentine’s day in 2013. Could that be why lovers love proposing here? Maybe it’s because of it’s sheer beauty; it’s a special destination.

The Dubai floral park boasts over 50 million outstanding flowers in astounding colorful designs, patterns and shapes. Visit it to get gently sailed into a whole new world of ideals. The park is a good fit for lovers and a family with kids.

Ski Dubai – Why Is Dubai So Popular

Ski Dubai
Credit: youtube.com

Opened in 2005 in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the Middle East’s first entertainment park for snow activities such as snow skating, snow bumpers, snow bullet ride, Mountain Thriller ride, zorbing, bobsledding, tubing, tower climbing et cetera. Thanks to its activities, it’s named the world’s best indoor ski resort in 2016 and 2017.

Covering an area of 4,500 square meter and being a snow entertainment park, Ski Dubai is a good destination to escape from Dubai’s desert heat. The park also boasts live penguins and lets you learn about them. Whether you’re visiting with a spouse, children or with both, you’d have plenty of quality things to do.

Dubai Ice Rink – Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai Ice Rink Snowfall and White Girl
Credit: Insydo.com

Related to Ski Dubai is Dubai Ice Rink; although, unlike Ski Dubai, it’s situated in the Dubai Mall. With a courteous staff, you wouldn’t have to worry about snowskating if you’re a beginner. And, given its location, high-end technology and equipment, it’s little wonder the snow park easily gets frenetic. Visit the park for electrifying get-togethers and birthday experiences, or just as a pastime.

While Dubai Mall has other things for tourists, you’d be enchanted by Dubai Ice Rink’s stunning snowfall sessions and would get ecstatic from its exhilarating DJ Nights.

Dubai Ice Rink — 60 meters long and 30 meters wide — has hosted some rather notable events such as the telecast of the FIFA World Cup matches (thanks to its big television), the Dubai tournaments of the Emirates Hockey League Cup and Broomball games for Corporate team building.

The Palm Islands – Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai Palm Islands
Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Islands refer to three stunning archipelagoes in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. Of the three, the first mentioned is the most popular. Each of these islands was inspired by the silhouette of an actual palm three. The Islands boast about 5,000 waterfront apartments, about 4,000 residential villas, about 1,000 water homes and lots of luxury hotels as well as a number of marinas, health spas, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, sports facilities, dive sites and the popular Atlantis Dubai which is actually sited on the crescent of Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Tower Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah | Credit: METenders.com

Palm Jumeirah is a whole district. You could spend weeks full of activities in it without needing to go somewhere else in Dubai.

Dubai Marina – Why Is Dubai So Popular

Dhow on Dubai Marina Canal
Dubai Marina and A Dhow

This is where you find the highest collection of Dubai’s skyscrapers, including the exquisite Dubai Marina. Because of its premium quality, and also for the fact that it’s Dubai’s most sought-after neighborhood, apartments here are pricey and they are commensurately luxury.

Transportation here is pretty advanced and thanks to its 3.5km canal, you have the option to commute on the water. The area is served by the Dubai Tram which makes it possible to get around Dubai Marina cost-effectively as well as out of the area. There are interesting things to do here. They include The Walk and The Beach at JBR, Dubai Marina XLine, RIB Speedboat Sightseeing Tour, Sunset Dinner Cruise at Dubai Marina, Zero Gravity Beach Club and Ski Dubai.

Please note that Ski Dubai is not actually in Dubai Marina. It’s rather close to it.

Other Things To Do in Dubai – Other Reasons Why Dubai is Famous

What other things do people visit Dubai for? A very good question. Let’s start with security. Dubai is pretty safe. This is not what makes it popular, but then it creates a safe environment which enables people to visit Dubai to experience all of its wonders.

It’d be expected that as Dubai is in the Middle East, there’d be frequent or fitful terror in the city. This is quite the opposite. The UAE has established a couple of initiatives to help prevent acts of Islamic terrorism. And they are actively working against terrorism. Recently they published a list of terror sponsors. See “Is Dubai Safe?” and “Is Dubai Safe Solo Female Travelers?” for more.

With the foregoing established, Dubai is so popular among tourists for many other reasons. The city is studded with lots of architectural wonders. Its standard and taste are pioneering and its skyline is second to none. Everything here is done in a posh and chic fashion. The city probably has the highest number of Guinness World Records of all cities in the world.

To the amazement of many tourists, Dubai’s police use supercars like the Bugatti Veyrons, the Lamborghinis, the Bentleys, G-Wagons, other luxury cars including luxury Benz cars. And according to Guinness World Records, the Arabian city has the fastest police car in use in the world.

Further, the city has the deepest swimming pool and the largest LED-illuminated facade (on Burj Khalifa) in the world; its Dubai Miracle Garden has the largest floral sculpture in the world. Summarily in this connection, Dubai frequently undertakes futuristic projects. And that’s how it always breaks Guinness World Records.

Other Dubai attractions include skydiving in Dubai, Dubai desert safari, Dubai beaches, kayaking in Dubai, trekking in Dubai, long distance driving across scenic Dubai roads et cetera.

Can we touch on everything that makes Dubai popular? That won’t be possible with this one article. As a matter of fact, Dubai’s gems are some of the things Dubai Tour Pro is all about.

Dubai Facts

Is Dubai a country

Dubai is not a country but a city.

Where is Dubai?

Dubai is in the country of the United Arab Emirates which is in the Middle East or Western Asia.

What is a Dubai local/native called?

A Dubai native is called an “Emirati”

Is Dubai inclusive of other religions, including Christianity?

Yes, there’s inclusiveness for other religions including Christianity.

Can I consume alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Dubai without a license, although it must be done in private places and you must be at least 21.

Can I have premarital sex in Dubai?

Yes, you can. See Dubai law update on cohabitation. This and the foregoing item are possible thanks to the November 2020 law reform. Gov.uk still holds that cohabitation, and drinking alcohol in Dubai without a license are prohibited, but we think that’s a case of delay in updating their information.

Can I hold hands with a lover in Dubai?

From experience, you can. Although this depends on where you are. But avoid public sex to stay out of trouble.

Is modesty strict in Dubai?

Not really, although you shouldn’t dress gaudily or immorally. Regular Western clothes are just fine in Dubai. If you’re going to public offices, however, you would want to be duly modest as public offices are usually peopled by locals who are usually Muslims and therefore conservative.

Which languages are spoken in Dubai?

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog are widely spoken in Dubai, while Mandarin is on the rise in the city.

Is English spoken in Dubai?

Yes, English is spoken in Dubai and it’s the most spoken language in the city.

What is the currency of Dubai and what’s its value against the USD?

The currency of Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), also casually referred to as Dirham. $1 is equivalent to AED3.67.

Is there terrorism in Dubai

From what we know, there’s no terrorism in Dubai and the UAE has established a couple of initiative to prevent terrorism.

Why is Dubai so rich?

Dubai is so rich because they are rich in crude oil. With a relatively small population, they had a lot of money to build up a whole new cutting-edge city from the desert with tourism at the epicenter of their objectives. Today, Dubai generates a lot of revenue from tourism which includes aviation; so much so that now crude oil accounts for only 5% of the city’s GDP.

Why is Dubai beautiful?

Dubai is beautiful because it’s a contemporary city that features cutting-edge and novel feats, second to none. It has the world’s tallest building, some of the most luxurious and most romantic hotels, and one of the most exquisite landscapes in the world.

What more can learn about Dubai?

Learn about Dubai laws for tourists to stay on the safer side of things.

Conclusion – Other Things for which Dubai Renowned

There you have it, why Dubai is so popular and more.

Dubai sees that everything is state-of-the-art and virtually all their projects are tourism-inspired, this is why Dubai was steeply affected during Covid-19. Lots of businesses in Dubai directly and indirectly rely on tourism (aviation, transportation, hotels, restaurants, shopping, tour agencies), but with the Coronavirus lockdowns globally, they were some of the worst hit. Because of this, they were one of the countries that first opened up. If you’re considering working in Dubai, the foregoing are some good reasons why you could work in Dubai.

That said, the city will continue its path with cutting-edge and futuristic projects as it keeps re-inventing itself. Have you seen the recently completed Dubai Expo 2020 site (Dubai Exhibition Centre) yet? It’s like some perfect drawing. See its images below.

Dubai Exhibition Center | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: ArabianBusiness.com
Dubai Exhibition Center | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: ArabianBusiness.com
Dubai Exhibition Center in Pink | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: GulfToday.ae
Dubai Exhibition Center in Pink | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: GulfToday.ae
  Dubai Exhibition Center in Full | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: FTNNews.com
Dubai Exhibition Center in Full | Dubai Expo 2020 held in 2021 | Credit: FTNNews.com

We’ve now come to the end of this article. Please support us and until we meet again, stay guided. 🙂